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There are different styles of websites.

Informatative, eCommerce, Blog, Message Board

You will need a Narrative or a purpose for creating the site
You will want(or at least probably prefer) a logo and some small image files to add to the way a website looks

Typical Fees Associated with Websites

Registrar Host CA Developer copyright (if needed) additional fees (as required)
$5-$25/yr (beware of ripoffs) Free to Thousands, average $100/yr $25-$1500/yr varies from company $35-$65 This could be be per transacation or a monthly fee plus setup fees depending on service.

LUKECOMPUTER can help with every step, just reach out to us and we will be more than happy help!

Here is a really good web HOST company to start with, that offers AMAZING SUPPORT!!! (and reasonable prices) Host Company

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